Giveaway Continues!!

 Good News for donors! And Good News for Bonafacio! (scroll down to read about Bonafacio)

Our Giveaway will continue!

We still have gifts from Bolivia to give and we want our donors to enjoy them!

Video below👇

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So, Here's Bonafacio enjoying his new Amazonian style home and the first well he's ever had!
Thanks to Team Work we are able to do great things!!
Notice, He has a bug net now!! Yay!

Life is much more endurable now for Bonafacio who is a 70 year old blind Tsimané man who lives in the Amazon Jungle of Bolivia, South America.

We are so glad he is no longer trying to drink mud, for water, and he is no longer so exposed to the elements, and bugs! 
We appreciate the hard work and labor of love done by our Bolivian crew and the donors who have made this all possible!