Medical Support

      (This page is currently under construction. There are many that have received medical help over the years from TBOW, and many recently; keep checking back for new content )

In 2023:

In our recent September/October trip we were able to visit the man in the video above. He daily faces the challenge that to remove the hernia could cause him to lose his life because of his over all poor health. It is a struggle for him, besides the discomfort of the growing mass, and feeling like a burden to his family that cares for him. We were able to cheer him some with our visit and gift of the Bible in audio as well as encouraging Christian music to help him think on heavenly things as he passes each challenging day. For now he's choosing not to fix the hernia.

Many of you have been praying and donating to help this little boys family as they have been struggling to afford his treatment when he quickly went "downhill" with an awful case of Pneumonia. The family has been selling off their cows to afford the treatment and are very grateful for the help TBOW has been able to provide.
The good news is Prayers and treatment are working and though it seemed grim for a time he is getting well! We are looking forward to receiving update photos of him without the need for the tubes! (Stay tuned...)


 A Mother receives surgery for a blood clot.

Her scars are healing well.

We were also able to visit this mother while we were in Bolivia and thankfully she is healing well from her surgery.
  • Man receives surgery due to a tree that fell on him

In 2022:
  • After waiting for days in the hospital before his broken bone could be fixed  (the money to be in the Doctors hands before treatment, that's how it works here, no money, no surgery) this young man received the surgery he needed.

We just happened to run into this young taxi driver on our recent 2023 trip and are happy to see him back to work and doing well!
Healed nicely!

  • A young woman received surgery to save her eyesight.

More surgeries from 2022 coming...

In 2016:

  • Patrick 6 years old from

    Siaya, Kenya was given

    the $350 he needed for a

     life-saving surgery. (photo coming soon)

  • Irene and Pauline, suffering from sickle cell anemia had their medical needs met. The total cost = $60 per month per child (Photo coming soon)