2023 Projects

 (Under construction; more 2023 projects to be posted.  Stay tuned...)

We are excited as things are lining up for us to embark on our “Dream” to relieve people in the Slums of Kenya, Africa! Thanks to Glenn Roseberry for connecting us with a faithful widow in Kenya who is zealous to be part of the TBOW TEAM! Dear Eunice will be distributing Sawyer water filters with a Team of local volunteers.  

These Sawyer filters work with a 5 gallon bucket to provide safe and clean drinking water for an entire family & more! One filter is capable of producing 100’s of gallons of safe and clean drinking water per day for over 10 years if maintained properly. They are an ideal solution for safe and clean drinking water within these slums. The filters remove harmful Bacteria, Protozoa, Cysts, and Microplastics. 

Lack of safe drinking water is the cause of much disease and harm to those who have no choice but to drink bad water. With all the resources and intelligence in the world, there is no good reason anyone should be without safe drinking water. But it takes TEAMWORK to make the DREAM WORK….

We need people reading this to pull together and be part of the TEAM so we can reach the goal to distribute, for starters, 100 filters in the slums of Kenya, Africa. At a bulk price 100 filters from Sawyer will cost us $4,200 and the buckets for 100 filters will cost us $350, So we need to pull together a total of $4,550 to distribute 100 filters and buckets so over 100 families can be relieved of the hardship of drinking unsafe water. 

We are grateful to have Eunice available to give her time and energy to training people how to use & maintain the Sawyer Filters. Eunice herself lives in these slums and we are happy to be able to meet some of her basic needs as she faithfully reaches out to the needs of those around her.

You can donate through PayPal on our donate page, which does take about 2.9% for a processing fee, or you can donate on our FB page where you will see this same post ( https://www.facebook.com/theblessingofwaterinc ) FB gives 100% of your donation to us, 

or you can send a check or money order to:

The Blessing of Water INC

P.O. Box 703166

Tulsa, Ok. 74170

To learn more about the Mathare slums in Kenya, Africa read the following Excerpt written by Eunice:


Mathare is an estate categorized under slums in Kenya. It’s structured with a high population estimated at 600,000 people in a 3 square mile area with almost all single storied shanties, built of mud, sticks and rusted tin.  It is the haven for criminals and the poorest of the poor, many driven away from traditional homes due to various social practices including widows having virtually no rights.  


Slums were originally illegal living spaces, and as such did not have any infrastructure, like sewers, clean water nor sanitary toilet facilities.  Though some facilities  have been added as the communities grew in size, they are still terribly under served. As such,  Mathare is  prone to cholera outbreaks, when  pipes burst, when the sewer sewer lines are not maintained or  installed in a haphazard way insufficient to serve the large population in these communities.  Poor drainage during the rainy season contributes to typhoid and malaria and is exacerbated by the  untreated drinking water,  leading to parasites, worms and other water borne diseases.  There are few toilets and few can pay to use the facilities.  Fecal matter in the footpaths and fouling the water near where children pay is everywhere. 


HIV  in the Mathare slums is very high among both males and females. Residents in Mathare struggle, suffering as the work or jobs available don’t pay enough  to sustain their lives.   This forces many of the populace to turn to working as prostitutes  on a professional or as needed basis to survive.  Many engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners.  There is a stigma with AIDS and fear of testing, combined with poor education on the disease, and the available free treatments, contribute to its continuing and alarming spread."