The Blessing of a Water

Water Well made for tribe in Bolivia, South America
In 2015, 

we learned more about the universal water crisis. 

Many, primarily children and women, travel for several hours daily to fetch unclean water.

Water filled with harmful contaminants such as E-coli, salmonella, cholera, leeches, worms, etc. 

Water that costs them their lives: with immense risks of kidnapping, rape, being sold as slaves or prostituted, mauled by wild animals, and so forth...


We have been informed by various charities, reports, and websites that there are millions of people struggling every day to obtain one of life's most necessary, basic, and unappreciated blessings, WATER. It can be overwhelming considering this is reality and one with the desire to help can quickly become discouraged. It feels like one's contribution is of little significance in light of this massive problem. But . .


It will take every individual doing what they can. However, understanding what we all can do takes time. For us, it was acknowledging various things which we knew we either did not need or were useless to the kingdom of God. For others, it may also be parting with unprofitable entertainment, useless hobbies, and various vacations. However the way, there MUST be an increase of “charity”.

Despite the scope of this crisis, you can change people's lives!