2019 Projects

Three More Wells in Bolivia

We did not go to South America this year, but our contacts there were ready to work hard and make things happen!

We purchased a tractor & a drilling rig
Thanks to your donations, and the hard work of our Bolivian contacts to track down the equipment, we now own the machinery we need to drill water wells for the poor in Bolivia.

The new rig's first well
We're drilling a well for Thomas Miller (one of our Bolivian contacts) and his family
They have been drinking filtered river water and catching water for quite some time
But soon we hope to change that for them...

The Millers' Well is done
It took a long time to drill through rock and frequently replace drill bits. However, the well is now completed and pumping out clean water!
This well was being dug for our local contact, Thomas Miller, and his family as they were collecting rainwater, and having to travel to find safe water to drink in the dry season.